Catholic Clothing Guild

Clothing charity
for the needy

Countess Charles de Salis

Countess of Balfour

Honorary Treasurer
Mrs. C. Edwards
07943 449224

Honorary Secretary
Mrs. J. Jackson

Public Relations Officer
Kathleen Hurley

Registered charity

Founded 1886

The object of the Guild is to exercise charity by supplying new clothing for those who, through unfortunate circumstances, are unable to provide for themselves and their families.

Clothing is distributed to societies and organisations whose work is concerned with the relief of the poor, the needy, the aged, the chronically ill, and to families and individuals recommended by such societies and other reliable sources.

All persons, Catholic and non-Catholic, are eligible for membership.

Members undertake to provide two articles of new clothing or a monetary donation, plus £2 annual membership fee.

We have groups in the following dioceses:

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